Khed Te Khidari – Monthly Sports Magazine in Punjabi

Introduction (ਜਾਣ-ਪਹਿਚਾਣ)

Sports are essential for maintaining health, and physical fitness besides an important source of recreation for every person. Games also projects sports persons as well as provides fame to a country. But our nation is lagging behind in sports, infrastructure as well as dissemination of authentic information about coaching and practices to our players so as they could enhance their performance.

Newspapers, magazines and electronic media especially the vernacular media can play a bigger role in this regard to update the players and give them boost on their achievements. But Punjabis and Diaspora have no such regional source of information for their children and budding players to get updated knowledge about sports, activities and the latest trends in this field.


Keeping this in view we are launch a monthly Punjabi language sports magazine – Khed Te Khidari. This magazine is the only monthly Punjabi language magazine in the world which is launched to cater the aspirations and needs of players and officials. It is a humble initiative taken by an engineering student with the active help of expert media persons, as a start-up project.

This periodical will act judiciously as a two-way communication source to project the hardships, struggle and difficulties being faced by the sports persons/officials including sports goods industry and prudently draw attention to redress problems and remove shortcomings in provisioning of basic sports infrastructure in the state.

This sports magazine will also act as forth pillar of democracy by elaborating the voice of sports persons so that the budding players of this region could avail help and due benefits from the various governments, organisations, PSUs and private entities as well as philanthropists.

Let come forward and get involved in this initiative by providing more information, suggestions, photos, reports about sports activities and other related material on the email. We assure you that your suggestions and reports will be highlighted and published by this magazine.